Foto Katja Rotrekl
Foto Katja Rotrekl

 Alejandro Carrillo's performance was more than a concert; it was a cultural bridge connecting two worlds through music's universality. On that magical night, the cosmopolitan German city immersed itself in the passion and poetry of Mexico. Long live music, long live multiculturality!  (Concert review complete from 07.10.2023 Gasteig Munich HP8 Hall X)


When Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa strums the strings, something wonderful happens: you think you can hear piano and harpsichord, violin and harp, an entire chamber orchestra playing, and yet there is just one man on stage with his guitar. (Concert in the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle Bielefeld, Westfalen-Blatt on 18.10.2022)


 The talented guitarist received astanding ovationin the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (...) . The renowned artist (...) is currently regarded as one of the best classical guitarists in Europe. (...) The famous guitarist gave a masterful concert entitled "Mexican Night - Ilusión". He received great applause from an international audience for the two-hour concert full of emotion. (Concert at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Concert review: - 05.01.2024- Translation from Spanish)


Mexican guitarist Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa demonstrated his stunning musical virtuosity, rich in timbre and artistic expression, in the Schubert Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus, which he underlined with his magnificent singing in the final part of the fantastic Flying COLOURS program. At the end of his concert, Alejandro performed the Mexican song "La Llorona". It was incredible, touching and inspiring to experience this artist. The way he expressed the love and pain of this song was unique. (...) The artist was cheered at the Konzerthaus and with shouts of "Bravo" he gave his audience in Vienna a number of encores. (Cultural magazine Cultura Latina - Konzerthaus Vienna- 18.06.2022)


When you experience the Mexican guitar virtuoso Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa in concert, you can't help but burst into enthusiasm. With an unparalleled sense of sound, fresh and therefore touching, he takes original, unexpected paths. (Schwetzinger Zeitung - 18.06.2018)


... one of the most gifted concert guitarists in all of Europe (...).

Latin American fire with strongly struck chords - the musician did not shy away from deliberate dissonances - alternated with gently plucked melodies that floated through the sacred building. (Donaukurier - 28.07.2022)


It was undoubtedly an unforgettable concert, in which Maestro Carrillo knew how to transport those present into his world and "magical atmosphere", where there are no barriers and you can let yourself in for the feelings and messages of the composer and soloist. A unique and special dimension in which master Alejandro Carrillo invites us to communicate with human feelings and musical "beauty". He takes us to where time stands still, the mystical is amplified and the material loses its value!

(Concert on 19.11.2022 Hubertussaal Munich - Review by Erna and Luciano Vagnini:Founding members: "El Sistema", "Orchester Sinfónica Simón Bolívar" in Venezuela and C.O.N. SONANZA e.V. Munich)


A poetic guitar concert with magical and virtuoso timbres at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

The way in which Alejandro merges his singing and the guitar sounds got under your skin. (...) The poetic elegance of his interpretations and the technical and tonal virtuosity of his musical expression thrilled his audience in Konzerthaus Berlin, who thanked the artist with much applause. In return, Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa gave his audience two encores. A wonderful concert evening in which Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa let the full range of sound colors shine on his guitar and with his voice. (Konzerthaus Berlin, R. K. - 06.05.2022)


"Baroque to Rock" in Neuburg celebrates a successful start

Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa, a native of Mexico, elicited every note the instrument had to reveal from the six strings. Powerful chords at the beginning were transformed into dancing melodies, into melancholy, then again into a rebellion and all with almost tangible emotional depth. He tried to wrap himself up in a song, Gamboa says, smiling almost shyly, and if he really is reflected in this melody, then hats off to such a dazzling personality. (Augsburger Allgemeine – 28.07.2022)


His fingers are faster on the strings than his shadow allows. (Mannheimer Morgen - 23.09.2019)


Moreover, the audience can see for themselves that guitarist Gamboa is also an excellent singer, as can be heard in the Mexican folk song "El pastor" ("The Shepherd"), with which he now fully captures his Bielefeld "flock". ("Neue Westfälische" - 14. 01. 2019)


The exceptional Mexican guitarist Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa recently played another unique concert in the Hubertussaal at Nymphenburg Palace. (...) After the official part of the entertaining concert, he gave the audience four more encores and the audience thanked him with standing ovations. He proved that he is not only a master of the guitar but also of singing. (Münchner Wochenanzeiger - 12.10.2018)


He "paints" pictures with sound colors. (...) Little by little, the dexterous "string wizard" is now also conquering Europe. (INTERVIEW with SCHWETZINGER ZEITUNG "Mannheimer Morgen" - 28.05.2018)


Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa offers an extraordinary concert in the classical guitar series. (International Cultural Festival Zacatecas Mexico / Festival Cultural de Zacatecas - 05.04.2018)


A musical journey full of color and poetry (Schwäbische Zeitung - 26.02.2018)


Simple and moving with the guitar. (Augsburger Allgemeine - 22.01.2018)


Cultural Festival Jerez Mexico / Feria de Jerez (Imagen de Zacatecas - 04.04.2018)


Alejandro Carrillo has been celebrated as a virtuoso guitarist who paints time with the sonic colors of his instrument. He has also been celebrated for his creativity in combining emotion with a deep intellectual concept. (Ntrzacatecas - 17.04.2017)


He captivates audiences all over the world with his incredible dexterity and undisputed guitar skills. His outstanding playing (...) is a true tribute to the instrument. Here you can truly feel the love and passion for music. (aha magazine, Halle - June 2017)


The Mexican guitar virtuoso Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa (...)

(...) with impressive dexterity and surprising nuances of sound, Alejandro delights his audiences worldwide. ( - 16.6.2017)


In the sold-out hall of Nymphenburg Palace, the audience once again (...) celebrated the true master of the guitar - Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa - with frenetic applause and standing ovations! (Munich - May 2017)


A wonderful evening to dream, let yourself go and lose yourself in music that envelops you. What (...) Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa gets out of his solo instrument is simply masterful. It is not for nothing that he is regarded as the guitar virtuoso par excellence (...). Carrillo Gamboa elicits completely different nuances of sound from his instrument, sometimes setting powerful chords, then letting the notes flow into one another, no, melting into vibrant melody (...) (Donaukurier)


Alejandro Carrillo Gamboathen wowed the audience. A true master on the guitar, he leftthe audience in awe with his classical music, some of which he had written himself . He extended the theme of the evening to the Renaissance. You could see and hear how much Alejandro must love and respect his instrument. (Neuburg Events)


Alejandro Carrillo presented a first-class guitar concert (...)

Proud to play in his home country, Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa presents anexcellent classical guitar concert. (


Clear aesthetics, well thought-out musical concepts and a high standard of creative expression: this is what characterizes the concerts of Mexican guitar virtuoso Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa. (tz daily newspaper)


Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa, the talented musician from Jerez with an international reputation, performed at the Hinojosa Theater, where he presented his skills and musical experience to the music-loving audience from his home country (...) who greatly appreciatedsuch a concert at a high international level. (Imagen de Zacatecas)


Classical pieces with Mexican temperament:

From soft tones to spirited pieces: Mexican concert guitarist Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa demonstrated (...) impressive dexterity (...) (Thüringer Allgemeine)


An expressive concert with character, which he (Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa) elicits from the guitar strings in his interpretations.(www.bitá


The Mexican Alejandro Carillo Gamboa is aninternationally sought-after guitarist and music teacher. On this evening, he mainly played romances, some of his own compositions, but also playful movements by Johann Kaspar Mertz and Niccolo Paganini. At the end, the quickly plucked runs of Isaac Albeniz's "Asturias" drewenthusiastic applause. (Augsburger Allgemeine)


Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa presented music by the great classical composers. At the request of the audience, which filled the Bóveda Hall of the Ciudadela del Arte cultural center, Mexican music followed as an encore. The artist was celebrated with much applause. (La Jornada Zacatecas)


...very special concert by classical guitarist Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa from México... Alejandro has already demonstrated his affinity for art at exhibitions by the Außerfern artist Tamara O'Byrne in Augsburg and Vienna, where he freely interprets selected favorite works and brings them to life with his... temperament and his empathy turned colors and sound into a single virtuoso experience. (Rundschau Austria)


Alejandro Carrillo, a true prophet in his homeland:

Yesterday, the Hinojosa Theater was the stage for a great classical guitar concert by the artist Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa. With his music, he captivated the audience with his great talent for playing every single note with professionalism. (Sol de Zacatecas)


The classical guitar virtuoso Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa delighted his audience at the Hinojosa Theater with his own pieces and works by composers who shaped the era (...). Carrillo Gamboa received much applause for his interpretations from the audience from Jerez, who enjoyed his concert with magical guitar sounds (...) (Imagen de Zacatecas)


The Mexican Alejandro Carillo Gamboa showed his class (...) His own composition "Illusion" was followed by well-known compositions such as "Tarantella" and "Asturias" and with his last number he skillfully involved the audience (...). (


This was followed by the likeable young Mexican Alejandro Carrillo with a classical program. He showedjust how capable he is of bursts of temperament during the joint jam session encore, the Mexican folk song "La Bamba", which Ritchie Valens helped to immortalize - including audience members singing and dancing along, as they did in the Kurhaus in Bad Aibling! (


Alejandro Carrillo performs a fantastic classical guitar concert. (


The beautiful Hinojosa Theater was the venue for an important classical guitar concert by Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa, a talented citizen of Jerez with an impressive national and international career. (NTR)


Mexican-born Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa elicitedhot-blooded yet melancholy sounds from the strings. He seemed to enter into a bittersweet love affair with his guitar, which he almost caressed. (Augsburger Allgemeine)


With profound inspiration and his many melodies, Alejandro took his audience into a world that invited them to fantasize. Every single song was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and the artist himself. At the end of his concert ,the audience celebrated him with a standing ovation, followed by an encore in which Alejandro also showed off his voice. (Imagen de Zacatecas)


The hands of the internationally renowned artist Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa, of whom the city is very proud, made classical guitar music resound in the magnificent Hinojosa Theater. He presented his repertoire to the audience with great elegance and professionalism. (Imagen de Zacatecas)


During the musical evening, the concert audience enjoyed listening to the melodies interpreted by Alejandro Carrillo on his guitar. (Sol de Zacatecas)


The young Mexican Alejandro Carillo Gamboa, dressed all in black and with his hair tied up, played the part of the classical guitarist. Serious and concentrated, he played a Romance by Johann Kaspar Mertz, in which he let the melody notes swing out for a long time, the melancholy, bubbling Etude No. 11 by Heitar Villa-Lobos, the famous "Asturias" by Isaac Albéniz, but above all thefull and colorful "Gran solo" by Fernando Sor, the Mozart of the guitar. Usually at the end, all the performers gather on stage to sing and play an encore together, this time it was "La Bamba", unrehearsed but rousing. The audience gave an ovation. (Oberbayerisches Volksblatt)


Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa received standing ovations for his classical guitar concert. Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa presented a successful classical guitar concert during his brilliant performance at the Kulturinstitut. (Pagina 24)


The Mexican Alejandro Carrillo played South American sounds to which Carrillo also sang, the audience clapped, swayed and sang along with pleasure. Presenter Bernhard Mahler, (...) even taught the Bavarian Mexican a few words of Neuburgerisch. (Augsburger Allgemeine)


Alejandro Carrillo Gamboa, a young virtuoso guitarist. (Miel y Veneno)